Easiest Microsoft Azure Cloud Certification ?

Kickstart your Azure Certification Journey with AI-900 Fundamentals Certification (Easiest of all)

Easiest Microsoft Azure Cloud Certification ?

Published on Oct 2, 2021

3 min read

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IntroductionThe world has shifted its momentum towards AI long time back, and cloud AI solutions will be one of the next big thing in the future years, given the increasing power/resource requirements for building and maintaining AI solutions. Our local computers are almost incapable of managing such higher workloads required by A.I, thus we must rely on the cloud to power our AI Workflows in Enterprises. This marks the importance of having skills to create, modify and manage A.I Workflows in enterprises, and that's where Microsoft Azure AI Platform comes into play.

I have recently cleared my Azure AI Fundamentals Certification and I will be sharing my experiences on how I prepared for this certification examination.

Kindly hang on, as I will be giving a small overview about the exam, before coming up with my preparation for this Microsoft Certification.

When it comes to AI and Machine Learning services in the cloud, Azure and Google Cloud are leading the pack. In comparison to Google Cloud Platform, Azure has a major edge in implementing AI in its enterprise and business solutions, allowing it to reach a broader customer base.

Also, Azure provides the most comprehensive learning content to get to know about it's Artificial Intelligence Services and get certified by Microsoft at ease when compared to similar offerings from other Cloud Service Providers.

🎯 Certification Path : 👇🏻

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⁉️ Why AI-900 is easy? : 👇🏻

  • The exam courseware begins by describing the most prominent A.I. Services, as well as several Microsoft suggestions for effective AI governance.

  • The course then goes on to describe the core principles of Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure.

🤜🏽 AI Workloads on Azure are categorized as:

  1. Computer Vision Workloads (Image/Object/Face based workloads).
  2. Conversational AI Workloads (Chatbots).
  3. Natural Language Processing Workloads (Text, Speech and Language Understanding).

This exam courseware has the smallest learning contents among all Azure Certifications that exist in 2021. With concentration and dedication, you can clear this certification in couple of days, in one shot.

⏳ Time required to clear the exam: 👇🏻

If you are a beginner to the cloud (0-3 months of experience in cloud), you will require around a week to fully prepare for the exam and clearing it in one shot.

If you are a person with fundamental cloud knowledge, you can easily clear this examination in 2 days, without a doubt.

12 Hours of Preparation + Practice Test (optional) will be more than enough to pass the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 Exam.

📑Preparation: 👇🏻

I will request you to start with Microsoft Learning Path for AI Fundamentals, for FREE !!!

If you feel extremely confident that you can clear the examination, you can go ahead and schedule the examination right away.

However, I would recommend you to attend few AI-900 Exam Practice Tests from a credible platform and then schedule your exam.

My Personal Preparation:

Apart from Microsoft Learn, I enrolled in AI-900 Preparation Course by Scott Duffy which is roughly 3 hours long, which gave me the confidence to schedule the exam right away.

In my opinion, you don't need any practice test, Udemy course or other to clear this certification. It's completely optional and I leave it to your choice.

📅 Scheduling AI-900 Examination: 👇🏻

When clicked here 👉🏻 Exam AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals, you will be navigated to Microsoft Learn AI-900 Examination Website.

The “Schedule Exam” Option can be accessible by scrolling down a little. You can change the country to see how much the certification exam costs in that country.


You can attempt the exam at the comfort of your home or you can attempt the exam at Pearson's Test Centre or using CertiPort.

All the best. ❤️🤟🏻

வாழ்க தமிழ் ! வளர்க தமிழினம் ! 🟥🟨

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