Basic Employee Referral Etiquettes

A lot of people aren't aware of how to secure an employee reference from someone they know. So, I'll write few essential recommendations about it here

Basic Employee Referral Etiquettes

Published on Jul 18, 2021

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E-Mail :

  • Add a clear subject line. Here is a reference: "Your Name - Applying for a Your Role". Subject line is more important since employees will be receiving a lot of emails.
  • Do not be generic and ask for any job. It makes you look bad.

    • If you know who you are writing the email to, please address them by their first name. No "Dear Sir/Madam" please.

    • Reference from where you saw the opening. "LinkedIn Post, etc."

    • What makes you stand out among the other candidates. (Most important thing)

    • What do you know about the company and why are you interested. (Optional)

    • Include if you are available to join immediately. This could come in your favor.

    • Leave your email or phone number.


  • Try avoiding DOC/DOCX format. Please create it in PDF Format.

  • Name the PDF this way : "Your Name - Resume / Month Year"

  • Please format and make it look presentable. Spending time here will help you go a long way.

Please spend a couple of minutes just proofreading your email/resume. Avoids errors and missing out details. Also, please make sure you don't include any valueless stuffs you did, in the resume.

Example : If you are from IT Department, "Attended aeronatical workshop in 2017" doesn't count as your co-curriculur activity.

LinkedIn :

  • Do not comment "Interested" and wait to hear back. There'll be 100 more comments like 'Interested' and you think someone will read your comment and give you an opportunity?

  • If the instruction was to email or apply using a link, please follow the instruction. Don't spam the comments section.

  • Use search filters wisely.

There are a lot of folks looking for a job opportunity at this moment. Hopefully, even if this helps one or two folks get an opportunity because of this, I would be super happy. Hope this helps.

The smallest of actions is better than the greatest of intentions.

All the best ❤🤟🏻

Meet you all in the next article. Signing off !

வாழ்க தமிழ் ! வளர்க தமிழினம் ! 🟥🟨

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